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Welcome to Westmont Real Estate Services

Committed to the highest standard of quality client service in real estate since 1982, Westmont Real Estate
Services is a locally owned business specializing in property portfolios consisting of office, retail commercial, industrial and residential real estate.

With an intimate knowledge of the region’s character, mood, and growth potential Westmont can readily meet the unique challenges and problems clients encounter investing in the San Francisco Bay area. Drawing on our extensive 35 years of real estate experience Westmont is able to provide unsurpassed management of our client’s assets.

The Principals of Westmont are “hands on” people. It is because of their dedication you can feel confident that all of your real estate needs will be handled in a most trustworthy, professional and efficient manner.

Our focus is on investors who prefer to use professional management services to oversee their property. Our mission is to manage, for maximum potential, their real estate investments while allowing them to continue to focus on their core business.

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